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The large and colorful world of LEGO DUPLO already provides the small LEGO fans with a wide range of bricks, accessories and sets, which permits them to develop creative constructions of entire cities, Zoo facilities as well as castles or villas. There are hardly any limits for imagination and creativity, and as such, the right parts can be found, so that you can immediately get started with the exciting and instructive games of the self-built sceneries for every project.


Particularly in the world of the vehicles, trains and transportation, we also offer transportation options for air-transport excited children, which is why a wide range of planes and helicopters can be found in each of the Duplo series. Whether it is the self-built helicopter that flies across the children’s room or the plane takes-off along with the whole family for a holiday; the smallest builders will find all items for every small and big idea at our online shop, since we equally offer a large repertoire of Duplo parts in addition to a large repertoire of the different LEGO equipment; and both items, as well as Kiloware or a whole set can be purchased. After shopping, the fun can continually get going, because then you are guaranteed to have the best equipped jet plane, helicopters, private planes as well as tools for the most unusual projects.

Wide varieties of aircraft and low prices at our online shop!


Is the new propeller for starting the aircraft or is the wing for the ambulance helicopter compliant? At our online shop, we do not only offer stuffs on the DUPLO aircraft and helicopters, but we equally offer thousands of LEGO parts and equipment for the game as well as the building pleasure, and we offer all these for a very small price. Eventually, we exclusively purchase our product repertoire from private collectors and fans; as such, we make them available at very cheap prices. Also, we are the correct address for those who are interested in selling their unwanted or unused parts etc. We will like to buy the entire set of items that are found at your basement, including those of previous years, provided they are in good conditions. For any construction project, the builders (client) can get the construction plan (blueprint) from us, so that nothing goes wrong with the project.


Payment can equally be made to our online shop through over 100 different payment options: PayPal, bank transfer, or credit cards are available, in addition to numerous other variants available for shopping. If desired, we can equally ship internationally. So, the missing piece of the DUPLO jet planes can be purchased from abroad, and the order will be shipped through the Deutsche Post or DHL.


Quantity discounts of up to 20 percent


What’s more: Not only are our customers assisted when shopping by a competent customer service that can be reached via phone or via the shop’s contact form, LEGO fans and collectors are equally guaranteed a quantity discount of up to 20 percent. Already from purchase value of only 10 euros, you are guaranteed a discount of 5%. The purchases are thus worthy in the shop’s versatile product world, where in addition to the equipment for aircraft and aviation ship, there are equally all sorts of other components that are available.

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