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For a colorful urban landscape, as well as parks or the popular Zoo, Duplo world also has the right plants and trees, which completes the overall picture of the child-friendly construction project and in addition, brings in the missing green to the game. For children in particular, it is important for their construction projects to be colorful and nicely decorated; this therefore necessitates the plants and trees from the diverse product range. In terms of the flower world for Duplo construction systems, you are guaranteed to find a big tree for the Park, a few carrots for the farm or shrubs for the garden, in the kit and caboodle of our online shop. Here, not only the required popular green building blocks are available, you can also find a variety of different plants here, which therefore guarantees an excitement of a child’s heart. Thus if your large and green building project still lacks the important plants stones, then it is worth looking into the product repertoire of the shop, that offers large amounts of different LEGO paraphernalia (accessories), such as LEGO City and the Duplo Safari.


Large selections of many different components at reasonable prices


When it comes to the construction of parks, then there are no limits to the imagination of the children and parents. It is this wide range of construction possibilities that makes playing with DUPLO so attractive, while also training the motor skills as well as the artistic awareness of the young ones.

Since we used the different parts or unused purchase from private sellers, the prices at the shop can be quite impressive. Here also, the abundant sets in the shop’s repertoire can be bought at a relatively cheap price. Over 100 payment methods in total are available for online buyers, such as; the purchase invoice, PayPal or credit card. We ship internationally and by mail. It’s normally so fast, and the client will already receive their order a few days after ordering, hence, they can get started with or continue with their construction projects. If one orders many times, they shall be guaranteed a discount of up to 20%.


Matching accessories for every construction project - LEGO and more in our online shop


In general, every construction project can be equipped from our online shop. In addition to the plants and trees, all kinds of other paraphernalia can also be found from the Duplo collection. Also, all the specially desired parts for creativity in every construction, such as, construction boards, railway or technology sets, are available at the shop. Thus, the green of the trees and plants can be added, and the clients can also find matching construction boards as well as construction plans (blueprints) for creating different sets of construction. We also offer animals and staffs, as well as a wide variety of facets for the park or Zoo.

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