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Duplo Primo – Buy secondhand Baby Duplo at our Online Shop


Now, even Infants and toddlers can explore the colorful world of Legos, because the small hands and the child's preferences (the so called LEGO Duplo) is available, which can bring many surprises and lots of fun to the construction through child-friendly shapes. A special variant of the toy for the little ones is the Primo Edition that came in trade in 1997, though the production was unfortunately discontinued in 2006. Be it funny little creatures, colorful houses, or manikin, the set of bricks designated as Baby Duplo offers a wide range of creativity to parents and children, it also trains the motor skills during plays and thus serves as an instructive leisure activity, with no limits to the variety of parts available.

A large repertoire of different stones, play figures or accessories ensures that the successful match for your game can be found in our online shop. Here we do not only offer a variety of utensils, but we also offer lots of LEGO bricks, building sets, and even construction plans (blueprints).


Wide varieties of baby Duplo in all facets



By the fact that we offer almost exclusively used equipment for playing and the construction of the different projects, the parts as well as the various Primo construction equipment can be purchased in the online shop for little money. Available here for example are; game characters, as well as parts of the characters, which can be purchased individually if the set at home is not complete. Be it animals, vehicles or simply the colorful and cheerful stones, with us, parents are guaranteed to find something nice and can simultaneously acquire the construction plan for the next large adult project. In addition, the bricks and equipment are also available in all sets, which ensures that you are completely equipped to restart another construction project, if the desire ever come up.

In case there are unneeded LEGO bricks at the basement or the children’s room, they can equally be sold at our shop.


First-class service for every order


If the desired part is intended as a gift for a niece or the sibling, we offer a fast delivery which will be handled by mail or DHL. Also, in addition to the huge range of everything the heart desires, over 100 methods of payment are available. Bank transfer or credit card payment can be used, as well as purchase on invoice or the popular payment system, PayPal. Our online store also offers a customer-friendly volume discount on slightly large order sizes. A discount of up to 20 percent can be obtained here, if one makes numerous purchases in the product category such as DUPLO Toolo or technical LEGO. If there are still any pending questions concerning the ordering process or the settlement of purchases, you can contact the professional customer service of the online shop.

In the main time: We ship internationally, so that purchases can also be ordered from other countries.

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