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LEGO system columns and beams – Buy varieties of construction bricks online


Each builder needs the so-called system construction bricks for their projects. For the railway or airport, these bricks are available in large varieties, such as for the construction of houses, recreational parks as well as major cities. The columns and beams equally belong to this product category, including items like curved bricks, poles, or many other parts for the construction of a crane, a vehicle or an aircraft. Designed in a wide variety of colors, sizes and facets, the system’s construction bricks exactly represent the cornerstone which must be present for a successful tillage and a subsequent creative game of one’s own projects.



At our online shop you can find a wide range of system components, among which will also be loads of columns and beams. Our shop is ideally suited for LEGO fans all over the world, because we equally ship orders internationally, so that even the clients from abroad can also set up their projects with us. Be it the pillar for the first family house, wing for the UFO of the LEGO Star Wars characters and the jib for the crane at the construction site, a look into our shop is worth it in any of the above cases, and not only because of our large product repertoire, but also because of our low prices.


Cheaply order system and technical components


Are you looking for complete sets that contain all the system and technical component for your planned construction project include? Our online shop is available to give you a helping hand. Our repertoire is composed of parts and equipment that have been purchased from individuals, but that are still in good conditions. Through the acquisition from passionate collectors and lovers, we can provide even more unusual parts that are either already sold out in shops or that are no longer being produced. Furthermore, we equally think of the joy in the construction of each building project and as such we equally offer construction plans. Thus, Steinpalast online shop is the right address for each builder, wherein parts, complete sets, Kiloware, construction plan or construction boards can be found.


Over 100 different payment methods


As already mentioned, it is equally the international shipping, which shopping from our shop so flexible. Leave your orders at our shop from Mondays to Fridays and you will receive your purchase items after only a few days through the Deutsche post or DHL. We also offer a wide range of payment methods, which can also be effected from abroad: over 100 different variants of payment can be found, some of which include PayPal, SOFORT banking, or credit card payment.


Quantity discounts of up to 20 percent


In order to enhance the well-being of the international and the national LEGO fans, we made it possible for them to also get a generous discount for their orders. Those who make purchases for a value of only 10 euros from us is already guaranteed a discount of 5 percent, while even larger orders can be equipped with a discount of 20 percent. For this reason, and equally because we offer the bricks, sets and equipment at reasonable prices, every purchase from us is a success. Be it the LEGO City, which is to be provided with a new railway, or a scenario that needs new star Warrior, at our online shop, you will find everything your heart yearns for.

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