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Order Umbrellas and Radar Dishes online — spacious building blocks for unique Lego projects


UFOs, remote planets or spacecraft definitely belong in the world of Lego, the same way a comfortable family home in the city does. The space figures and aliens, like galactic transportation, allow the builder to make an extraordinarily creative project stand on its own, and to immerse themselves even further into the world of remote galaxies. Tin order to receive the signal from aliens from outer space in your self-constructed headquarters, the building should be equipped with a radar dish or a screen. The system blocks in the form of radar dishes and umbrellas are available in a variety of different versions, and in our online shop as well.


We specialize entirely in the colorful and multifaceted world of Legos and Duplo, and therefore offer all kinds of items, but also sets and kilo goods from the various series. In our repertoire, the moon drivers can be optimally equipped with your desired spaceships, radar dishes or Alien figurines, in order to start the game or begin building immediately. Our space accessories, along with the rest of our product repertoire are purchased exclusively from individuals with a passion for collecting. We offer our products in the shop, in good condition, and also reasonably priced. System modules and technology modules are also an integral part, such as blueprints or building panels, figures, plants and other important items to the product range. In addition to those interested in buying new parts and stones, interested sellers can sell their gently used Lego items to us.


Build and play with fantasy worlds - everything you need is available in the online shop


How would it be with the extravagant Batman radar dish for exploring the supernatural voices on Mars? Or with a new screen attachment for the fruit stand in Lego City? You can see all of this in our store, and you can start a new construction project immediately. If you find that you still require more than just our large selection of building boards, figurines or Duplo vehicles, then wholesale purchase in our shop is especially worthwhile, as we already provide a quantity discount for orders over 10 euros. On top of this, lovers of game worlds can get up to 20 percent off on larger orders. And the best thing about shopping with us is that we are also happy to ship orders overseas, for international Lego fans interested in our repertoire. Shipping is available on weekdays, from Monday to Friday, via DHL or Deutsche Post. Orders from the EU are accepted, as well as purchases from the United States or England. Payment can be made with one of the 100+ available payment options available. Check out with one click via PayPal, or receive the goods with an attached invoice - no problem!


All in all, our shop is an excellent place for lovers all over the world who have made ​​it their hobby and passion to dive into new worlds with colorful stones and various parts. You can set up quickly and cheaply with us, at any age. We also offer plenty of Duplo or Duplo Toolo.

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