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The unofficial shop for used Lego spare parts, parts, sets and kilowares.

In our LEGO Shop you will find everything about used Lego, from rare spare parts or single parts to kilowares, duplo but also complete Technic Sets. Our range of construction panels can also be seen, whether you use them for railways or build a city with them. There is something for every theme. We also offer an uncomplicated Lego Purchase if you have to give up your collection at some point. If you have any questions we are at your disposal.


LEGO stones for collectors, builders and lovers

There are supposed to be people for whom LEGO is just a piece of cake, for whom the little bricks only belong in the children's room. Fortunately, there are many, many people who think the same way as we do. Because LEGO is more than just a few colorful building blocks. LEGO is fascination and passion, LEGO is collecting and building. Since 1932, generations of children have been enthusiastic about the products of the Danish company from Billund. and many a fan has remained faithful to the colourful stones even beyond childhood. And we also run our portal with enthusiasm, which wants to be more than just a shop. Rather we understand ourselves as a meeting place for LEGOfans of all kinds, for small and big builders as well as for collectors.

LEGO single parts or collection - What do you find in our assortment?

In general, our assortment of goods is very broad. This starts with Duplo, the game system for the smallest LEGO fans. Here you will find kiloware as well as individual parts. Of course every game system is only as beautiful as the interior. We also have furniture in our assortment. Our LEGO Shop is very broadly positioned with regard to the different game worlds. With LEGO City, the classic is there as well. as well as the Star Wars, popular with children, LEGO Technic and components for the railway. You can of course also find the LEGO construction panel in different sizes across all systems. In the sense of our customers, we are always anxious to have the largest possible pool of different assemblies and individual parts at our disposal. This is why we also purchase LEGO. Preferably we buy whole collections as LEGO Kiloware. Goods purchased by us are usually cleaned and processed before they are sold on.

LEGO brick shop for big and small hobby builders

First and foremost, LEGO is of course a wonderful game for people who like to build. Some people strictly follow the instructions that come with the LEGO kits. So it's all the more annoying when, after several Structure some of the parts are missing. In this case the remaining part is not useless or worthless. Rather, it means finding the right spare parts for the incomplete kit. is a true paradise for those builders who are looking for individual spare parts. Here you can browse through a huge find of various parts and find the LEGO brick you need. For some a master builder has however also the free building a special attraction. There is hardly anything more beautiful than letting your imagination run wild and creating new creations of houses, landscapes, cars or flying machines. to invent. These inventions naturally want to be copied immediately. As is so often the case, however, it is the components of one's own collection that set the limits of one's imagination. However, these limits can be with a visit to the LEGO Shop of the company Steinpalast. Here, young and old master builders can specifically search for individual components that they lack to complete their creations. However, they can also be inspired by the variety when browsing the colourful world of LEGO bricks and develop completely new ideas while surfing directly on By the way: At you can you can also search for spare parts when single bricks from a LEGO rental kit have been lost.

A paradise for LEGO collectors!

LEGO is no longer just a toy for children. Because at the latest with the division into the different play worlds the brand from Billund has emancipated itself from the children's room and has become a coveted collector's item. ...and I've become a part of it. Some collect whole kits including building instructions. Of course, these are especially attractive as new cartons from specialist dealers or from a LEGO stock exchange. Should there be a problem with individual parts, we are the perfect contact. However, numerous collectors have discovered the great charm of the small figures in recent years. In the last decades they have become much more colourful and multi-faceted. ...and I've become a part of it. Some collectors chase after a single figure for a long time to complete their own series. Our shop is the ideal address for anyone looking for figures that have been missing for a long time. Here you can find their LEGO minifigures in a variety of categories, from Star Wars to LEGO City to the fantastic Fabuland Animal Figures. Even incomplete figures as spare parts and individual parts can be found in the eager collectors here.

An ideal platform to find suitable LEGO gifts

For parents and grandparents who are looking for the right gift for their children for birthday or Christmas, is a real treasure trove. Finally they find here single parts and kiloware from nearly all areas of the LEGO universe. But beware: Those who appreciate LEGO and play a lot with the little colorful bricks usually have their own idea of future expansions of the collection. Here, you should be familiar with the Buy discreetly and inconspicuously to find out what the little master builder wants. Many parents are surprised at how concrete the ideas of their own children can be. And with the right The search for the next gift is then all the easier with us.

Contact person for people who want to dissolve their LEGO collection!

Sometimes the time comes when you have to dissolve a quite extensive collection of LEGO bricks, figures and building boards or simply part with the children's old toys. But why usable Throw things away when you can still get money for them? buys your used LEGO from a weight of two kilograms. It doesn't matter if you sell Duplo, LEGO Technik or System LEGO. I'd like to.

The company Steinpalast founded in 2009 deals exclusively with the preparation, purchase and sale of coloured stones from Denmark. Initially the business was limited to Ebay and customers in Germany. Since 2011 we are now also represented with our own online LEGO shop on the internet, meanwhile we also count LEGO fans all over the world among our customers. Here model builders, parents and all LEGO fans will find a broad Assortment of kilowares, individual parts and spare parts. Starting from the smallest part for e.g. Technic, Railway, Castle, Star Wars over mixed packs with e.g. figures, construction panel, wheels and axles up to large Packages colorfully mixed as kiloware which are very well suited to expand existing collections. We also have a wide range of LEGO Duplo in stock for smaller LEGO enthusiasts. Starting with the Rattle or plug figures about animals, car, zoo and of course also here the kiloware for creative building in the offer. By the constant assortment extension we try to offer gradually each in demand stone so that also every searcher will find the right part for his LEGO project with us. If you are still undecided about what to buy for the little ones, we also offer a practical voucher. Since 2013, we have been able to offer our customers a very special service; for those who have to or want to part with their collection, we now offer an uncomplicated LEGO purchase service. For this Simply fill out the form provided and you will immediately receive an answer with all important information.