Purchase of used LEGO®

You want to sell your LEGO®? We buy your bricks!

When children grow up, they lose interest in things that were once important to them. Used toys end up in boxes in the attic or basement. Among them also the coloured stones. One forgets that these things from childhood days were once purchased for a lot of money.

You want to sell a LEGO® collection? Then you are right at Steinpalast.eu! LEGO® purchase of all kinds, no matter whether bricks, figures, building boards, special parts, building instructions, etc. we buy at the kilo price.

  • We buy your collection from a weight of 5 kg usable LEGO®.
  • Building instructions must be unperforated and in good condition.
  • Please enter mixed varieties under LEGO® mixed.
  • Payment by bank transfer and PayPal possible.
  • Please fill in the purchase form below in an uncomplicated and non-binding way, we will get back to you.


How does the LEGO® purchase work?


Just fill in the form and send it to us without obligation. We will contact you promptly with an offer. We buy your collection starting from a weight of 5 kg in usable stones without foreign parts and take over the dispatch within Germany and send you a DHL dispatch label for Germany. After we have received the shipment, we will check it and contact you for payment processing.


What advantage do I get from this?


If you want to sell your superfluous stones, you will spontaneously think of an auction house a flea market. But is this really the best possibility to sell the single stones, figures, rails, plates and also whole collections and sets at the highest price?

A fee as well as a longer journey and an uncertain outcome of the sale cost time, nerves and keep you from making money out of your LEGO®! A sale via our purchase form is the easiest way to make room for something new in your home.


What varieties do we buy?


Quite simply: all kinds of LEGO® bricks, figures, rails, building slabs and even entire collections and sets on all theme worlds LEGO® TECHNIC in all imaginable colors, shapes and variations. We are also happy to buy incomplete sets and building instructions.

May the stones be dirty / worn out?


The better the condition, the higher the purchase price. If the LEGO® is dusty, it is automatically classified as dirty and can no longer be sorted or calculated as a set. If there are worn or foreign parts, the bricks are automatically classified as mixed, so you should definitely take a look at the bricks before you send them to us and if possible sort out all unusable and foreign parts before you send them to us.

How does shipping work?


You will receive a free DHL shipping label for Germany from a weight of 5 kg, simply print it out and stick it on your package. All you have to do afterwards is bring it to the DHL/ Post Shop in your area and it's all set to work.

As soon as we have received the LEGO®, we carry out an inspection of the bricks. We will then inform you immediately and inform you of the result. The payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal to you.

Tips for packing and shipping


Please use a sturdy shipping carton and use the maximum shipping weight of 31.5 kg if possible. Shipping cartons are available at DIY stores or post offices. Please make sure that the carton is properly glued to the bottom and has no holes.


Purchase form

! Please send us only one form in which all weights are indicated !