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The world of LEGO Duplo offers everything a child's heart desires. Colorful bricks, child-friendly utensils or motor function educational games are found in the repertoire of the different series as well, such as it is in the whole sets; with these, the games can begin right away. A tool box or a bright yellow truck, cabinets for the cottage or the interesting farm box, Duplo sets offer the possibility to go on a discovery tour with kit and caboodle, and to let the imagination run wild. These complete packages, in addition to a wide variety of individual parts or Kiloware can be found in our online shop. It can therefore be given as a gift for a niece or birthday of the biggest Lego fan of the family, where they can of course be used to complete existing bricks and parts at any time.


Our online shop has a lot of construction material, where enthusiastic builders and collectors are guaranteed to potter around with LEGO, Duplo or Toolo at their full expenses. Purchased from private individuals, we make the products available at a reasonable price, and at the same time, we also buy parts or entire collections that are still in good conditions.

If you are looking for a special motivational stone or single stone, then you should definitely take a look into our shop. Here unusual construction units from last days, for example, could finally be found. You could also find construction plans (blueprints) from us, in case they are missing.


Lego and Duplo utensils in a large scale


For the Zoo, the city or the farm, we even offer building boards on a large scale in our product repertoire, which could lay the foundation for any construction project every time. In the sets, we do not only have smaller vehicles, furnishings or building, but also, throughout the game and fun suitcase, there are a lot of DUPLO surprises, building and learning materials. The items can be sent through the DHL or the German Post and it reaches the builders within two to three business days. Payment can be done through over 100 different payment methods, such as with the credit card, invoice or via PayPal. Nothing can then stand in your way from shopping at our online shop from abroad, since we also do ship internationally.



What’s more: Even better, because we offer a quantity discount of up to 20 percent.

It is always good to make a diverse (multifaceted) order, during large orders such as Kiloware or equipment for large buildings, since the quantity discount is guaranteed for purchases that value from 10 Euros. For questions about purchases, returns or sales, the Steinpalast customer service is available, and can be reached via the contact form on the web page as well as via the hotline service hotline. Also, wrongly placed orders can be cancelled within two weeks, or sent back.



Rummage (search), sell or equip, it is about the passion of the Lego construction, so a visit to the Steinpalast online shop is always worthwhile. Here, everything about building, playing or learning are found and at very reasonable prices.

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