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Boats and ship sets are essential for every Lego fan. The big boats or mini boats of Lego are indispensable in the product range and belong to every Lego city boat set or city harbour. Let‘s begin with the Lego sailing boat or maybe you like more the long Lego cargo ship which ships into other countries. The Lego firefighter ship or the city fire boat (7207) should not be missed at the city fire brigade, the Lego city coast guard boat is always needed during a boat crash to prevent them from sinking. The Lego police speed boat (7899) is also a must have as a police boat (4010) when on duty on high seas and why not going fishing on a Lego city fishing boat (4642).

You can attach the many boats at your city port where you have also enough space for a Lego speed boat, a police boat (7287) or a hover craft. Let your celebrities party on a ferry boat, or let your pirates have a battle like in the movie „Pirates of the Carribean“ and let your ships sink in the sea. If you have had enough of your boats on sea go deep into the underwater world with a submarine. Gird yourself for the battle offshore like in Pearl harbor and ram other ships on their boat hull underwater. Try and build a Lego Ninjago ship and let the it fly through unknown worlds.

The Lego chima boat is a big and complex building project which is not always easy to construct it. Even a big boat needs a lot of time and you must have a passion for doing it.

If you feel lost and you have no boat creator or any ideas on how to keep on going on, a Lego boat instruction can be very helpful to construct the perfect boat of your dreams.

You can find the Lego instruction for boats, ships and submarines in our shop.

To prevent your boat from sinking you can buy missed Lego pieces for the construction of your boat or ship online. For getting ideas just watch Lego boat videos or play Lego games.

Even a Lego boat motor or a boat base for little or big ships should not be missed because  going offshore by boat is quite hard without an engine.

Are you still missing a Lego piece to make your Lego city ship waterproof or maybe a ship motor?

Then you should take a look at our boats and ships. For sure you will find a motor for your ships and boats or any other pieces that will complete your boat collection.

Lego always gives you many possibilities to have big adventures as a captain of a pirate ship or to build your own harbor.

Make your sailor‘s heart skip a beat on the biggest ocean‘s of your world.

There are no bounds to the imagination.

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