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LEGO would not be LEGO, if it cannot meet up with the challenging and creative construction of the multi-faceted playing scenarios. Whether it is the spacecraft from the Star Wars collection that needs a pilot, or it is the police station that is looking for more guards for the night shifts; in addition to the wide range of bricks, particles and accessories are equally part of the wide repertoire of system figures and accessories of the LEGO's product range. All sorts of figures are available, so that the right staffs for each city, House, car or vehicle as well as each Zoo can be found. At the same time, the little people can be provided with their necessary accessories, such as handcuffs for the policemen, the shovel for the gardener or the ball dress for Princess.




To further extend the possibilities of the creative game, lots of system figures and their accessories are available at our Steinpalast online shop. In our repertoire, it is not only possible to find the typical and iconic LEGO figures (people) that can slip through different garments and assume a variety of roles, but it is equally possible to find unusual variant of the game characters from almost every LEGO series, such as from the fantasy era or the Bionicle collection.


Bring life into the Cities and Houses - find more playing possibilities


Add a red bike for the mother, a yellow one for the postman or a scooter for the pizza delivery in any LEGO City, and make it just as lively and authentic as it if found in your real life. Why should you have to be without these, just take a look into our Steinpalast online shop; the various system characters as well as the most extravagant accessories are represented here. In our product repertoire therefore, not only can the sand-green troll for the medieval scenario be found, LEGO fans and builders can also invigorate the games of their self-built large cities or can equally get the necessary accessories for life at the farm house. All the available system components from the House of LEGO are in used but in good conditions, since we buy the product range of the shop from private individuals. As a result, we can guarantee low prices for the bricks, construction boards as well as the construction plans, whilst being interested in equally buying from LEGO fans and collectors.


Quantity discount and many payment options



For those you tend to double or triple their purchases from our shop, we guarantee a quantity discount of up to 20 percent. Already from a purchase value of only 10 Euros, we do gladly already offer a discount of 5%. In addition, you can shop from your holiday site or from abroad. Finally, we do not only make international deliveries possible, but, we equally offer a wide range of payment options at Steinpalast; more than 100 payments options are available, including the payment via credit card or PayPal. We do ship the purchased items all over the world via DHL or the Deutsche Post, so that the clients can get started with their fanciful game just a few days after placing their order.

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