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Wheels, chains and axes - Buy LEGO systems and technical components online


Trains, plane or trucks - vehicles are part of the many LEGO scenarios. Hardly will a small or a big builder want to give up the chance of cruising with the four  or two-wheeled vehicles through the LEGO City or to use the truck in transporting important building blocks to the next site. Already, the small fans can build creative vehicles using their DUPLO building blocks and enjoy racing with it for weeks across the children’s room.


Whether you wish to purchase the desired vehicle already as a part of the system or technical set in order to make it available for your game, or whether you will like to assemble your truck or motorcycle by yourself, every client is completely free. If the bicycle is independently and completely assembled according to the personal desires, then the builder needs the necessarily wheels, chains and axes for his project. Therefore, within a few days, it can be possible to create a vehicle according your personal wishes and ideas.

Since we know how versatile the construction of vehicles can be and how many LEGO fans have been devoted to this as a hobby. Therefore in our product repertoire, offer a wide range of items which equally include system components such as wheels, axes or chain that are needed for the construction. Also, in our varied product range, you can find a variety of items, which includes DUPLO as well as other technical components, such as cylinder or turbine. At our online shop, if you set up yourself as a builder, you should be sure to find all the required materials quickly and cost-effectively, available for purchases. The purchases could be equally made from home or from abroad. Finally, we ship purchased items via DHL or the Deutsche Post to all destination, even internationally.

Also, for those who prefer to rely on a set, rather than puttering for vehicle spares, a look at our online shop in which wide ranges of different models are available is worth it. Star Wars and Bionicle packages can equally be found among them.


Online shop with cost-effective systems and technical components for Construction pleasures


What would the builder be without wheels? Although the small but beautiful system components get often little attention, it is the round helpers that allow the vehicles to turn large rounds. Is it a wheel which is broken or do you need to replace the chain, it is as the architect who best know which item to replace. Some items shopping can be very difficult, since these could only be available in the complete package. Cases like these are different at our shop, where lots of items from system and technical sets are made available. In addition, we equally offer Kiloware, if the builders want to affordably equip themselves for a new project. More so, even construction plans (guides) can be found with us, so as to facilitate the development of fancy vehicles.

Customers can choose from the over 100 different payment options such as PayPal or credit card, which we offer, as such, even a purchase from abroad can be guaranteed. Our customer service offer a large degree of flexibility, especially if you have questions, you can chose to contact the customer service via the contact form on the website, as well as by phone via customer hotline.

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